EOLO PVC Ducting

Flexible ducting plasticised PVC, reinforced with antishock rigid PVC spiral, resistant to atmospherival agents and to most chemicals.

Suction of air, fumes, gas, powders, sawing, dust, aerating and conditioning plants, wood working plants.

Technical Features
PVC ducting reinforced with an anti-shock rigid PVC spiral, perfectly smooth inside, outside slightly corrugated to ensure optimization of flow properties.

High mechanical characteristics, very light and flexible, resistant to ozone and atmospherical agents, ageing, hydrolysis, UV Rays, and most chemicals.
It can be manufactured in antistatic version adding a copper wire, by earthing the copper wire, the duct becomes electrically bonded.

Temperature range: -10 deg C +50 deg C.

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EOLO PVC Ducting
Code Datasheet Inside Dia (mm) Min Wall Thickness (mm) Vacuum (mH20) Coil Length (m) Stock Price
(exc VAT)
EO0102500 251.0430 1 £101.43 (£121.72 inc VAT)
EO0103200 31.813.530 0 £139.03 (£166.84 inc VAT)
EO0103800 38.11330 2 £178.92 (£214.70 inc VAT)
EO0105200 50.81330 0 £275.78 (£330.94 inc VAT)
EO0106300 63.51330 0 £347.57 (£417.08 inc VAT)
EO0107600 0 £425.06 (£510.07 inc VAT)
EO0110200 1021.22.530 0 £678.04 (£813.65 inc VAT)

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