New Year Product Offers

TOTAL 154 Piece Toolbag & Tools Bundle

G.P 43 Piece Compressor & Accessories Workshop Bundle

Lutian 1400 watt 7 Piece Pressure Washer Washdown Bundle

Lutian 1800 watt 7 Piece Pressure Washer Washdown Bundle

1400w Pressure Washer Long Handle c/w Wheels & Dispenser

1800w Pressure Washer Long Handle c/w Wheels & Dispenser

Accessory Kit

TFR Wash Detergent Concentrate - 5 Ltr

Hi-Grade TFR Wash & Shine Detergent Concentrate - 5 Ltr

GP Piston Compressor Direct Drive 1.5kw / 2hp

Trade Package Nu-Air NB2800B with 34 Piece Mechanics Kit

Hobby Package Nu-Air S02/24CM2 with 5 Piece Starter Kit

9 Mtr Compact Retractable Air Hose Reel - Red Case & Hose

17 Mtr Retractable Air Hose Reel Blue Case & Yellow Hose

20 Mtr Retractable Water Hose Reel - Green Case & Hose

30 Mtr Heavy Duty Retractable 1/2" Water Hose Reel

Angle Grinder 115mm 950 Watt

Power-X TE-CD 18-2 LI-I Combi Drill Kit 18v Cordless

Power-X Combi Drill / Impact Driver Twin Pack 18v Cordless

Expert TE-SD 3.6 LI Screwdriver Kit 3.6v Cordless

Expert TE-CD 12 LI Drill Driver Kit 12v Cordless

6" Bench Grinder

16 Piece Metal Concrete & Wood Din 338 Drill Bits Set

6 Piece HSS Din 338 Twist Drill Bits Set

19 Piece HSS Din 338 Twist Drill Bits Set

5 Piece Hammer SDS Drill Bits Set

5 Piece Masonry Drill Bits set

Bi-Metal Hole Saw Set 20mm - 50mm

45 Piece 1/4" Drive Socket Set

44 Piece 1/4" & 1/2" Drive Socket Set

12 Piece 1/2" Drive Socket Set

25 Piece 1/2" Drive Socket Set

8 Piece Ratchet Spanner Set 8 - 19mm

12 Piece Combi Spanner Set 6 - 24mm

12 Piece Offset Ring Spanner Set 6 - 32mm

33 Piece Screwdriver & Bit Set

15 in 1 Ratchet Screwdriver & Bits Set

6 Piece Screwdriver Set

25 Piece T Handle Wrench Screwdriver Set

Laser Distance Detector 0.2 - 40 Metres

Magnetic Spirit Levels 600mm - 1500mm

Steel 10 Metre Measuring Tape Metric & Inch

Rechargeable Aviation Grade Flashlight 5w (270 Lumen)


Rechargeable CREE LED Flood Light

Rechargeable Foldable Flood Light 10w

Rechargeable LED Pen Light

Portable 30w Soldering Iron 12vdc

Dual Power 50/100w Soldering Iron 240v

Dual Power 30/60w Soldering Iron Work Station 240v

Rechargeable Li-ion Soldering Iron 6w/3.7v

V-Tuf.M Lung Safe Dust Vacuum / Extraction

TOTAL 24" Rigid Frame Tool Bag

TOTAL Tools Pouch With Bag

TAYG Professional Double Tool Pouch

TAYG 17" Tool Caddy - Best Quality

TAYG Professional 13" Heavy Duty Tool Bag

TAYG 18" Canvas Tool Bag

TAYG 32 Series Tool Box

TAYG 33 Series Tool Box

TAYG 34 Series Tool Box

TAYG 35 Series Tool Box

TAYG 36 Series Tool Box

MAX 20" Tote Tray

Multi Box 4 Box Organiser Set

15 Bin Storage Rack Solution

One Wipe (110 Tub) HW101

Duracell Industrial AA Batteries Pks of 10

Duracell Industrial AAA Batteries Pks of 10

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